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Welcome to the magical world of Cosie's Closet!

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Hi! I'm Cosie and these are my two best friends, Layla and Grace! Thank you so much for checking out our new book! We love adventures and this is the first of many to come! Click the buy now tab to the right and follow that link to iTunes where our book is being sold! Cheerio!

Cosie, Layla, and Grace
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Meet Cosie Rose

Who is she: Cosie is kind, loving, and always bopping and bouncing to her own tune. She is a bubbly girl that loves her family, friends, and has a heart for others. She loves playing dress up and going on adventures to far off places.

How old is she: 6 years old

Where she lives: London, England

Her favorite adventure: Meeting the Queen and having tea. She went absolutely bonkers getting to see the queens crown up close.

What she dreams of being when she grows up: owning a store filled with everything girls love. She insists that there will be pink tutus, pearls, hats, shoes, cupcakes, and of course tea.

Favorite thing to do: Play dress up with her two best friends Layla and Grace. When she’s not playing dress up she loves to play the piano and take care of her fluffy white cat Sassy Girl.

Her favorite things: Her pink tutu and crown.

Her favorite color: PINK! Cosie loves any and all shades of pink.

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Meet Layla Jade 

Who is she: Layla is sweet and kind but a little reserved. She is always thinking and wants to do what’s right in everything that she does. She plans, organizes and is always on top of things. Layla is probably the most responsible 6 year old that you will ever meet. Not only is she responsible, but she is kind and loyal beyond anything. Finding a friend like Layla is special because she is a true and genuine friend.

How old is she: 6 years old

Where she lives: London, England

What she dreams of being when she grows up: A storyteller and writer.

Favorite thing to do: She loves to read more than anything. She always has her trusty book bag with her at all times. She carries all sorts of stories with her - Fairytales, books on horses …   

Her favorite things: Her book bag, horses, and of course her headbands.  

Her favorite color: Teal – the color of a blue lagoon.

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Meet Grace Michaela

Who is she: Grace is fun, spunky, and always outgoing. If you are ever looking for someone to be goofy with Grace is your girl. She loves life and loves making people laugh. She is her family and friends #1 cheerleader always wanting the best for everyone. Her kind loving spirit is what makes Grace such a great friend.

How old is she: 5 1/2 years old

Where she lives: London, England

Her favorite adventure: Baking cakes and cookies at the Magical Baker's Shop for Cosie’s birthday. She loves her sweets and cakes.

What she dreams of being when she grows up: A singer and songwriter.

Favorite thing to do: She loves putting on concerts for friends and family. She also loves spending time with her mom cooking in the kitchen.

Her favorite things: All of her sneakers.

Her favorite color: Purple

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Brittany Rose

It all started as a young girl. A time where playing dress up and dreaming of the future was all that mattered. You see, I had two friends when I was a little girl just like Cosie. I remember begging my Mom to play at my friends house because, well, she had this very special magic closet up in her room that was filled with the finest of things. It wasn’t just any old closet. It was special -- unique. It was filled with fancy dresses, beautiful decorative hats, strands upon strands of pearls, and white puffy wedding gowns. We would sit and play for hours in those clothes pretending to be a bride on her wedding day or a royal princess saving her kingdom. With each new piece of clothing that was put on, a new adventure and story would begin. That is a piece of my childhood that I will never forget.

After having my daughter Cosette, I realized that I wanted her to experience what I had experienced as a little girl. A world filled with imagination, adventure, and wonder. My hope is that Cosie’s Closest will do just that. My goal is to inspire the little girls that read these books to play and to use their imaginations. The innocence of a child’s mind can be a very special thing if only given the opportunity to dream.

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